Juri Strumpflohner

Juri Strumpflohner


Software Architect, Egghead.io Instructor

Bolzano Area, Italy

Juri is a Software architect and full stack developer with particular love for all things JavaScript. He's an Angular trainer, Egghead.io instructor and passionate blogger, always keen to learn new things & share them with others.


Supercharge your Angular forms!


You're building a large data-driven app? Lots of form fields, selects, autocompletes,...validation? You're tired of typing all the HTML inputs? Maybe Angular wasn't the right choice for this after all? Stop it!
In this talk we're going to level up our skills and uncover the true power of Angular forms. We'll dive deep into fully configuration based, model driven, dynamic forms that will supercharge every Angular app. We will see how to create an abstraction layer around our forms that facilitate high reusability and allows us to create new forms in minutes.

You’ll learn:
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