Migrating your project to NgRx and enhancing it along the way

10:00 am
1 day

NgRx is the de facto state management library for Angular apps at Google. It's widely used, well supported and is the great addition for any non-trivial web app. Whether you hadn't used NgRx before or were using it for a while - you'll learn something new during this training.We'll start the workshop with the step-by-step migration of the existing angular app to NgRx-based one - this will help you understand why, where and how to use it. We will then look into two different approaches to state updates and finally to more advanced features, such as entities.

You’ll learn:

- core parts of state management;
- Selectors and their role
- Immutability of the state;
- Optimistic vs Pessimistic updates;
- how to split the single state into features;
- ngrx/entity

You’ll need: